Ch. Titoto Nuage is a Blue Tortie Tabby. Her father is Grand International Champion Klaus and her Mother is Quadruple Champion Indian Summer.

Nuage has strong traditional lines and a very sweet disposition.

Nuage is level 3 selected for Breeding on the French breeding scheme which means she conforms to the standard and has been examined by at least 3 separate cat judges.


Double Champion Mindy is a beautiful red girl. Her father Merlin is a Quadruple Champion and her brother Mephistopheles is International Champion. Her mother is Quadruple Champion Indian Summer. She is level 3 selected for breeding on the French breeders scheme.


Titoto Oxygène is a tortie tabby - She is the daughter of our Supreme Champion and her mother is Libby from Majesticoon lines. She has her fathers sweet disposition.

Oxygène has been out at show twice and has 2 Championship certificates.

She is level 2 on the French Breeders scheme and she conforms to the breed standard for breeding.


Occitane is a very beautiful black Ticked tabby from Russian lines. She has an amazing coat which looks like a gold dusting in the sunshine. She joins us from CatWood Maine Cattery in France. They specialise in Ticked Tabby cats and we are grateful for their expertise and trust.

Occitane is level 2 - conforms to the Standard on the French Breeders scheme


Titoto Molin Nou or Molly is a brown tortie and the daughter of Mindy and Vladimir a marvellous Russian ticked boy.

Molly is level 2 on the French Breeders scheme and we hope that she will carry the ‘ticked tabby gene into her litters.

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